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The people who work for Electro Freeze are experts at what they do. They responded to my first inquiry quickly and went over every detail about the business. John and Tony are very easy to work with and helped us every step of the way. Their vast knowledge of the industry allowed us to settle into our new business venture with confidence. I would urge anyone who is looking to get into the “Froyo” business to utilize their experience. While construction was in progress they even made visits to the store to make sure everything was going according to plan. This is a very rare quality to find in a company. They really cared about our success. I would use them again if I had to do it all over again.

Jordan, Swirlz World, Merrick, NY

During my store development, Tony Lana and John Agliato were extremely helpful with the startup process. They personally visited the store location on several occasions and were always available for phone calls or emails at any time of the day or night. They cared about me, not only as a customer but also on a personal level. Their main concern was for my business to be successful. In the future, if I ever open a new business, I would definitely purchase more equipment from Electro Freeze due to its high quality and the great service I have received.

Bruce, Beach Berry Yogurt Hut, Poughkeepsie, NY

They don’t just “sell you” equipment. They are very experienced in the construction process as well. Right from the jump they were involved with the planning and lay out of our store. Their on going involvement saved us time, money and unnecessary aggravation in the build out. Whether you have experience in build outs or not, I can assure this is invaluable.
Once we were open, customers often comment on how our yogurt has a thicker consistency and rarely melts compared to other yogurt stores. Putting that huge selling point aside, you are only as good as your equipment is both reliable and serviced. Electro Freeze not only sells a high quality product, their service is incredible. John and company gladly take our calls and patiently walk us through every situation. Because we are new, I can assure you almost all of our calls were rookie operator error and they teach us an important equipment lesson each time.

Laura, Planet Swirl, Whippany, NJ

We leveraged the engineering background of our founding members when it came time to evaluate and select our equipment purchases which sit at the heart of every frozen yogurt operation. After investing three months and hundred of hours to compare the five leading manufacturers, we narrowed the field to Taylor and Electro Freeze. In a side- by-side comparison of machine mechanics, operation, and reliability from an engineering perspective as well as taste tests from a consumer perspective, Electro Freeze was our overwhelming choice. By marrying the best equipment with kosher food quality practices, Frozen Peaks offers the premier, best tasting, highest quality, healthiest and safest cup of yogurt you can find!

Jay, Frozen Peaks, New Jersey

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