Turn sweet treats into great profits with the finest frozen treat equipment in the industry. Our innovative line of Electro Freeze equipment is dependable, energy efficient, easy to maintain and simple to use.

Electro Freeze Tri-State, the original distributor of frozen dessert equipment, has been a leader in sales, service, and leasing of Electro Freeze equipment. Since 1965, our dedication to helping you find the right equipment for your business is only the beginning of our commitment to you. All of our machines come complete with expert service and support - which means we maintain a consulting relationship with you before, during and after the sale.

Family run for 3 generations, we are proud to continue the tradition for many years to come.

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Electrofreeze + The Meltshop

The Melt Shop has the best grilled cheese around. And no grilled cheese is complete without a delicisou, hand-spun shake to wash it down. And when Melt Shop was looking for the right machines for their shakes, we were happy to help.

We helped get Melt Shop all set up with the equipment they needed in a few locations in New York. Since then, they've expanded to locations all over, and it's been our pleasure to help them each time they open a new Melt Shop to share their delicious treats with the world.

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In a side- by-side comparison of machine mechanics, operation, and reliability from an engineering perspective as well as taste tests from a consumer perspective, Electro Freeze was our overwhelming choice. By marrying the best equipment with kosher food quality practices, Frozen Peaks offers the premier, best tasting, highest quality, healthiest and safest cup of yogurt you can find!

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