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Bruce, Beach Berry Yogurt Hut, Poughkeepsie, NY

Prior to opening my store, I visited over 50 existing self-serve Yogurt Stores to evaluate the various Soft Serve Yogurt machines which were available. From my evaluation, the SL500 far out performed any of the other vendor machines, which included Taylor, SaniServe and Stoelting. Since purchasing the 6 Electro Freeze SL500 machines, I have been extremely satisfied with the quality of the machines along with the service I have received from Electro Freeze Tri-State. The most impressive feature I have observed since opening the store is how well the SL500 performs during my busiest hours. I have never had any issues with the machines slowing down and not being able to dispense the Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream at the proper rate.

During my store development, Tony Lana and John Agliato were extremely helpful with the startup process. They personally visited the store location on several occasions and were always available for phone calls or emails at any time of the day or night. They cared about me, not only as a customer but also on a personal level. Their main concern was for my business to be successful. In the future, if I ever open a new business, I would definitely purchase more equipment from Electro Freeze due to its high quality and the great service I have received.

Jay, Frozen Peaks, New Jersey, New York

We leveraged the engineering background of our founding members when it came time to evaluate and select our equipment purchases which sit at the heart of every frozen yogurt operation. After investing three months and hundred of hours to compare the five leading manufacturers, we narrowed the field to Taylor and Electro Freeze. In a side- by-side comparison of machine mechanics, operation, and reliability from an engineering perspective as well as taste tests from a consumer perspective, Electro Freeze was our overwhelming choice. By marrying the best equipment with kosher food quality practices, Frozen Peaks offers the premier, best tasting, highest quality, healthiest and safest cup of yogurt you can find!

Jordan, Swirz World, Merrick, NY

The people who work for Electro Freeze are experts at what they do. They responded to my first inquiry quickly and went over every detail about the business. John and Tony are very easy to work with and helped us every step of the way. Their vast knowledge of the industry allowed us to settle into our new business venture with confidence. I would urge anyone who is looking to get into the “Froyo” business to utilize their experience. While construction was in progress they even made visits to the store to make sure everything was going according to plan. This is a very rare quality to find in a company. They really cared about our success. I would use them again if I had to do it all over again.

Scot, Main Street Sweets, Roosevelt Island, NY

Electro Freeze is one of the first phone calls I made when we began the build out of our ice cream parlor. Tony answered right away and helped me with not only the right ice cream equipment, but the accessories as well. Tony worked with our architect and contractor to make sure the build out matched the equipment. Then he instructed us on what items we needed to carry and even trained our staff on how to use and maintain the equipment. It’s been a few months since we opened and, just as they told me, the service does not end when the sale is over: He continues to check in on us and answers any questions we have.

Penny Klingler, VP Electro Freeze

I really appreciate everything you are doing to promote the Electro Freeze brand and you spending the time to share some of the tools you have developed with us. The experience and dedication you and the team at Tri-State have is phenomenal. Sharing your knowledge and experiences will help tremendously in our effort to build the brand and strengthen the network.

Charles, Swirl Bliss, Baldwin, NY

Electro Freeze is the perfect company for a developing self-serve frozen yogurt business. Their professional services are of the highest quality! 

Swirl Bliss is very fortunate to become associated with Tony Lana, Electro Freeze’s Account Executive, who in our opinion is the absolute best. The wealth of information that he has made available has been priceless and very much appreciated. Tony is amazingly supportive, straightforward and quick to respond to our needs, questions and concerns.

This combination of knowledge, Professionalism and support makes Electro Freeze the company that we would recommend first and foremost.

Thank You for your guidance.

Team Swirl Bliss

Michael, Tasty Waves Frozen Yogurt Café, New Milford, CT

I would like to thank you and the team at Electro Freeze Tri-State for all of your advice and help in setting up our store. From the first day you and I spoke, I have never had second thoughts about our decision to purchase our equipment from you and in fact I believe it was one of the best decisions we made.

Most companies would have simply sold us the equipment and moved on, however your continued interest in our store and the support you have provided since we have opened has been invaluable.

We would highly recommend you and your products to anyone.

Laura, Planet Swirl, Whippany, NJ

They don’t just “sell you” equipment. They are very experienced in the construction process as well. Right from the jump they were involved with the planning and lay out of our store. Their on going involvement saved us time, money and unnecessary aggravation in the build out.  Whether you have experience in build outs or not, I can assure this is invaluable.

Once we were open, customers often comment on how our yogurt has a thicker consistency and rarely melts compared to other yogurt stores. Putting that huge selling point aside, you are only as good as your equipment is both reliable and serviced.  Electro Freeze not only sells a high quality product, their service is incredible. John and company gladly take our calls and patiently walk us through every situation. Because we are new, I can assure you almost all of our calls were rookie operator error and they teach us an important equipment lesson each time.

Malcolm Stogo, Ice Cream University

For ice cream specialty stores, ELECTRO FREEZE’S consistent, reliable soft serve and batch machines are great. Across the country, successful parlors use their equipment with complete confidence that it will deliver highly profitable, high-quality, consistent product, batch to batch and day to day. I highly recommend their soft serve machines for the ease of operation on an every day basis. Their nationwide distributor network is topnotch for all service needs.

Seth, Treasure Island Desserts, East Meadow, NY

I cannot truly put into words what a huge help Electro Freeze Tri State has been in getting my new business off the ground. From start to finish, the entire staff was professional, informative, helpful, courteous, and a pleasure to work with. Tony in particular came to my store on multiple times during the leasing process and his industry expertise made me feel comfortable in leasing my spot. His as well as John’s input was more than useful in designing the store and during construction. At my stores opening he even came and trained the employees on his Electro Freeze equipment two times! My store has been open for a few months and I still speak with Tony multiple times a week. He is always giving me useful pointers that have helped my business grow. Electro Freeze is a huge asset to my business. It is very rare today to see a company take such pride in their service.

As far as the machines go, I am extremely satisfied. I purchased six SL500 machines and all have run perfectly without any malfunction. Most importantly, during my busy times they produce product without any signs of slowing. Many customers compliment us on the quality of our product. I always know that my product will come out perfectly because of the excellent machine performance.

Electro Freeze Tri State is a must for anybody looking to move into the business. I whole heartedly recommend them to anybody and cannot thank them enough for their help.